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Keithstraße 10, 10787 Berlin
T: 49 (0) 30 956 183 23
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16 Jan 2018
Take these memories away, take my love: it´s free
Finissage & performance, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos in collaboration with Agora Collective
20 Jan 2018CHECK OUT 1/4
Sophia Graefe and Anja Henckel in conversation with with Aram Bartholl, Alanna Lawley and Dani Ploeger followed by video presentations & performances / as part of transmediale/ CTM Vorspiel
23 Jan 2018CHECK OUT 2/4
Dani Ploeger
Lecture Performance
25 January 2018Workshop: CHECK OUT 3/4
Aram Bartholl
Got a few minutes?
27 Jan 2018CHECK OUT 4/4
Aram Bartholl, Alanna Lawley, Dani Ploeger, Curver Thoroddsen
Performances, installations, screenings
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